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The first cluster training to boost the competitiveness of moringa agribusiness enterprises

Last Wednesday, September 29, the Moringa Cluster Uganda organized the first training for its members, called ‘Quality requirements for exporting moringa products to Europe’. The training aimed to help and inform leading Ugandan moringa producers to better understand the requirements of European buyers for importing moringa from Uganda.

Fabian Link, Business Operations Manager at Africrops and an experienced moringa importer, explained the mandatory quality requirements for exporting moringa from Africa to Europe as well as the additional requirements set by European buyers. Since exporting moringa does not only entail compliance with the standards, Fabian gave the moringa agribusiness entrepreneurs tips on key export success factors and ways of approaching potential European buyers. He also advised them on how to best advertise their moringa products.

The training helped the participants gain a better understanding of the European buyers’ perspective, their decision-making processes, as well as the patterns in the global moringa market. The participants got valuable advice on negotiating and approaching buyers and advertising their products.

After its first training, Moringa Cluster Uganda aims to organize more trainings in the future with the help of international experts. With the trainings, the cluster aims to boost the competitiveness and add value for moringa agribusiness enterprises.

Moringa Cluster Uganda is an initiative of Ugandan producers of high quality moringa products to join forces and pave the way for Uganda to become the hotspot for sourcing moringa globally. The members of Moringa Cluster Uganda pledge to transparency and sustainability.

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