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Moringa can help with Bali bull reproduction

(News from newest research)

Recent studies from the Hasanuddin University researchers (Indonesia) indicate that Moringa can improve success of the Bali bull reproduction (1,2). A low calving rate in the cattle results from multiple factors, including a low quality of semen followed by the lower productivity of population itself.

Inferior quality of the feed is responsible for the lower fitness of animals which reflects also in their reproduction success. Substandard meals can negatively influence even reproduction of the genetically superior bulls. The population subsequently decreases and can be far below optimum capacity of the breeding area.

Bali Bull as Domesticated Banteng (Source: Wikipedia, Author: Gsarwa)

Moringa improves the quality of bull’s semen

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) has a high nutritive and protective value for the animals (3). Scientific studies indicated that it’s use in animal diet improves health, resistance to diseases and higher protein uptake, promoting growth and productivity of the studied animals.

The study from Hasanuddin Universit (1) indicates that Moringa leaf meal supplement can increase the quality of bulls’ semen. The research was implemented with 1.5–2 years old bulls. Half of the studied group was fed with Moringa leaf block flour and the other half was the control without the supplement. For comparison, the researchers performed a microscopic evaluation of the semen’s mass motility, individual motility, progressive motility, together with several macroscopic parameters (colour, odour, etc.).

The results of microscopic semen evaluation showed that the bulls with Moringa leaf block flour in their diet had significantly higher parameter values than the bulls without supplementation, meaning that the Moringa supplement substantially improved the quality of semen.

Moringa prolongs the quality of semen for the artificial insemination

In the processing of semen for the artificial insemination, the semen comes in contact with oxygen and free radicals are produced (2). Free radicals can reduce the quality of the semen, but the damage can be suppressed by the addition of antioxidants in the extender.

The idea behind the research was that the Moringa seed extract could be used as an alternative to the ingredients that are usually added to the semen extender and could maintain the quality of Bali bull sperms at equilibration (2).

Moringa seed extract supplementation was added in three different concentrations (25, 50, 75%) into Tris egg yolk (TEY) as an extender and was compared to 100% TEY and Andromed by monitoring the individual and progressive motility of the sperms.

Both individual and progressive motility of the Bali bull sperms with Moringa supplementation decreased more slowly as without supplementation. The optimum

supplementation of Moringa seed extract was 25%, which minimised the rate of decrease in sperms motility of the Bali bull semen. In short, the sperms with Moringa had longer shelf-life.

You can find more detailed information here:

1. Anggara FD, Yusuf M, Toleng AL, Sahiruddin, Masturi, Hasrin (2021): Supplementation of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) leaf meal block on the quality of Bali bull semen. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 788: 012144, IOP Publishing; doi:10.1088/1755–1315/788/1/012144

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3. Moringa in animal feed (2021)

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